The department of Computer Science and Engineering has been one of the prides of its college. It was established in the year 2001 with the mission to educate students from all over India including those from rural areas, and other countries, so that they become enlightened.

CSE shares the mission and vision of the institute in imparting high quality education to the students. First, it is ensured that the student perceives the computer fundamentals thoroughly. Besides fulfilling the requirements of the syllabus prescribed by the University, the program offers students the opportunity to work on diverse hardware and software platforms.

The department has retained top position consecutively in the department wise ranking by Anna University as published in their website. Under the erudite leadership of its head of the department Mrs.B.Monica Jenefer and the efficient faculty and excellent students, the department has won laurels to the college, with its exemplary achievements in the field of academics, sports and placements.


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has formed the Association of Computer Engineers (ACE). It facilitates the students to enrich their knowledge by making them to be members of technical bodies. As a part of this the student's chapter of Computer Society of India (CSI) was inaugurated in our college. All the students of our department are members of the CSI. Most of our students are members of several other technical associations like ISTE, IEEE. As a part of the association with these technical bodies, several workshops and seminars are conducted every year.


The department of Computer Science and Engineering has constantly been ranked in the top position in terms of its academic records. The pass percentage of the department is very high and the department ranks first consecutively in Anna University Examinations. The department has secured 21 university ranks from the eight passed out batches.


Number of Ranks






















A week of E-cube (Enrichment Enhancement Empowerment) was conducted and this was a weeklong programme of technical seminars and mini project discussions. It is very important to mention that during E-cube, each and every student of our department presented a paper and 3rd years had mini project planning and final years had project planning. The judges were from highly reputed organization like CTS, Paypal, TCS, Delloite and so on.

Vigyan - One day technical seminar

This is a one day technical seminar which was conducted to encourage the students to broaden their spectrum of intellect and delve deep to the realms of computer science and engineering. We had distinguished guests from various fields to bring to the students the prime knowledge. This includes interactive sessions between the students and the speakers.

National Conference on Trends in Computing Technologies

The department hosted a “National Conference on Trends in Computing Technologies” on March 5th, 2008. The advisory committee for this NCTCT comprises of four external members (Professors from Anna University and Florida Atlantic University, USA) and two internal members. The response to call for papers is quite overwhelming. We had received more than 110 research papers from various institution and organization in India out of which 30 papers were presented on March 5th at two venues. Dr.Vijayan Imannuel, Head Talent Transformation, HCL inaugurated the conference. Chair persons from FloridaAtlanticUniversity, TCS, CTS, Mindstree pvt ltd came here and gave valuable suggestions to the delegates, There was one entry from Pakistan too.

Kranti - One day Symposium

The department’s team spirit was showcased by conducting National Level One Day Symposium, KRANTI every year during January or February for last 8 years, which witnessed a turnout of more than 1200 students from engineering colleges around the country and even found a considerable space for itself in THE HINDU, the leading National Daily for its ingenuity. The symposium had housed motley of formal events, which included code debugging, paper presentation, technical quiz and digital art, and also informal events like block and tackle, adzap, dumbC and gaming, in which avid participants from innumerous colleges participated. Prizes were bagged by the lucky winners.


Ericcson India Pvt limited has granted project internship to our department students since 2011. They are also going to Malaysia and doing their undergraduate project with University Sains Malaysia since 2012.

  • Ericcson India Pvt limited has granted project internship to the following students –Ms. Buvaneswari, Ms. Divya, Ms. Ramya. Ms. Vinneata, Ms. Kousalya and Mr. Kumaran for the year 2011.
  • Ericcson India Pvt limited has granted project internship to the following students –Ms. S. Chandini, Ms. S. Nalini, Ms. S. Ishwarya. Ms. A Nadhira Rasheed and Ms. K.S. Supraja for the year 2012.
  • Ericcson India Pvt limited has granted project internship to the following students –
  • Mr. V. S. Kumaresh, Mr. N. Sreinivas, Ms. Manisha Subramanian, Ms. M. Kiruthika, Ms. A. Arathi, Ms. S. Suganya and Ms. J. Aaberie Alice for the year 2013.
  • Mr. T.P. Lesley Titus and Mr. Srikanth Thiagarajan have done their undergraduate project with University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia for the year 2012.
  • Mr. C. Kirubanand, Mr. S. Prasidh and Mr. S. Subbhaash are currently in Malaysia doing their undergraduate project with University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia for this year.
S.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Mrs.B.Monica Jenefer M.E.,[Ph.D].,MISTE.,M.CSI HOD & Associate Professor
2 Dr.M.K.Sandhya M.E.,Ph.D.,MISTE Associate Professor
3 Mrs.Aarthi.S M.E.,[Ph.D] Assistant Professor (Sr)
4 Mrs.C.Jerin Mahibha M.E.,MISTE Assistant Professor (Sr)
5 Mrs.V.Sundari M.E. Assistant Professor (Sr)
6 Mrs.S.Yamuna M.E. Assistant Professor (Sr)
7 Mrs.P.Revathi M.E. Assistant Professor (Sr)
8 Ms.R.Sri Gokulam M.E. Assistant Professor
9 Mrs.R.S.Shobana Devi M.E. Assistant Professor
10 Mr.R.Venkatesh M.E. Assistant Professor
11 Mrs. M.R. Nithya M.E. Assistant Professor
12 Ms. M. Sumithra M.E. Assistant Professor

Distinguished Alumni


  • 2006-10 Batch
  • Assistant Commissioner, Ministry of Finance, Mumbai



  • 2006-10 Batch
  • SoC Performance Architect, Apple, Cupertino



  • 2007-11 Batch
  • IAS 2015 batch, Maharashtra cadre, Assistant Collector, Kolhapur



  • 2009-13 Batch
  • Software Engineer, Microsoft, USA